December 6, 2011
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Another day sitting alone
I guess this empty heart is my throne
I stare blankly at the walls
Waiting for the tears that can no longer fall

Another day another pain
Another heart turned insane
Bleeding crying waiting for you
Can't you see that I'm broken too?

Alone as always
Staring at these never changing walls
Alone with my thoughts
Alone with my silence

The tears have long sense dried up
Long sense given up trying to flow
You learn eventually theres no point in crying
When no ones there to watch them fall

Other girls look and think ‘What a freak’
The guys look and turn away quickly
Who wants to help a freak
The innocent geek

I can't even feel sorry for myself
I deserve it
I wanna die
I really wish I could just cry

Another night lying awake
Another day staring blank
Who's gonna notice the smile is but a mask
Who's gonna care?

The blood drops down to the floor
All I can think is I only have a few more
I wonder what it would be like to drain it all
To just lay back and let it fall

Drip drop drip drop
Can i really do this?
Can i really end the pain?
Can it really be this easy

I look around me
I look at all that rely on me
I look at family
I look at my wrist

Can I really do this to them?
Why not? they did this to me.
Can I even blame them?
I’m the one who brought upon this shame

They might have called me on it but it was all me
I messed up
I look at my wrist
Should I stop the bleeding?

Drip drop drip drop
My breath is slowing
It's kinda peaceful
I’m finally free

I grab my wrist
I have to stop the bleeding
I cant get away this easy
This is too easy

I deserve this pain
I deserve this shame
Take the easy way out?
The world would never let me…

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