A tale of a ‘normal’ teenage girl

December 6, 2011
By degiopup11 BRONZE, Mayville, Michigan
degiopup11 BRONZE, Mayville, Michigan
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Nobody gets me, no one ever has.
But you are different….You seem to get me.
I feel empty, dark, and useless inside,
But you brought a new light to me.

As I laugh, cry, or in between,
The light effects me in every way.

You have brought out the real me , and
you see me…. the inside me, the one that wants out.

Y0u make me feel rebellious, strong,
and more powerful than ever before.
You like me for me, for the inside me, not the shy, good, person striving to be perfect.

I feel like I can do anything since you, and not care.
And its invigorating.

I can be myself around you, thank you for all of this,
you have changed me, thank you foe changing me forever,

The author's comments:
This poem is very personal to me, I feel that many teenage girls may feel have felt this way :)

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