Under the Bright Lights

December 6, 2011
By HOSSAismyidol81 BRONZE, Dix Hills, New York
HOSSAismyidol81 BRONZE, Dix Hills, New York
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I got my pads and my stick
My helmet, my tape
My water bottle
And most importantly,
I have my sneakers
It’s time to play some Dek Hockey

As I make my way towards St. Patrick’s,
The league leader in penalty minutes says to himself
Not tonight my friend
Because we can make it with a win
And a bad penalty can send us home

On a cold December night,
I see the bright lights on the court
I smell my equipment in need of a wash
I jump out of the car

I reach the court and am greeted by my teammates
We take practice shots on net,
While we warm up our goalie
Teams then line up at center ice
And Greg comes out

Greg, one of two referees recites a prayer
Said before every game
This game, I took the prayer in with more meaning
Greg finished

I come in for my first shift in the first period
We’re down 1-0
I come off the court
With the score the same

I come in for another shift in the second
I come off the shift
After giving up two more goals
We’re down 3-0

I came onto the court for the last time this season
Right after we scored our first goal
We made it a 3 goal game with 4 minutes left
How ‘bout some insult to injury
They score two more
They win by the same score

I have been part of many teams in my life
I have lost many playoff games
I’ve lost three championship games
I’ve watched the championship team jump with joy
After that final buzzer

We shook hands with the other team
Wished them good luck in the championships
Walked off the court for the last time
Until next season

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