What is life

December 6, 2011
What is life 
For me it’s a gift 
But at any moment it can make a great shift 
I don’t care 
I won’t take life for granted 
Even if something doesn’t go how I planned it 
Sure life is hard 
But that’s just it 
How can you fight if you can’t take a hit 
Yes things go wrong 
What are you gonna do 
Mope around and think what may be wrong with you 
Well that’s your first mistake 
No matter how you think things through 
Cuz there will always be something you just can’t do 
So what you can’t do it 
Don’t let it get you down 
Don’t walk around the rest of your life wearing a frown 
There’s still plenty more 
You have plenty you can offer 
You just have to learn how to make yourself tougher 
So shoot for the moon 
Cuz even with a bad arm 
You’ll find you can still land among the Stars 
So don’t regret what you do 
Cuz it makes you who you are 
Stay true to yourself 
And you will go far 

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