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December 6, 2011
By Bribrix18 BRONZE, Bronx, New York
Bribrix18 BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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Favorite Quote:
Live as if youll die tomorrow, dream as if youll live forever

I am from scattered notes put together in one measure
From books on stacks that are neverending, to nail polish for me and baby toys for the little members of the family
The music discs reflect my emotions,
The books quench fantasies
Nail polish for simple beauty
And toys for innocent fun
I am from broken doors that pead to the outside, 
Doors that let me out but fail to keep me safe from someone with no key
The doors to opportunity with no limits
But no consideration for the safety of the people on the inside
I am from the pale pavement beneath my feet. 
What we know as the ground or street.
The grass cut short with patches of bald just beyond
The welcome for my homecoming
Just like the pale pavement and broken doors
There is no peace of mind
I am from cherry blossom trees above the grass
Full of beauty that goes on forever
A sight to see and happy about it
I am from bowtie cinemas a few blocks down
Holding big screens, snacks, and comfy seats for a quick escape
A couple dollars is the cost.
I am from a strangers cadillac, always out frot
Red and white, in perfect condition, happy thoughts come to mind
Through all these things, i see, there is beauty in the world.
I am from a supportive mother, who sculpts my achievements
A bit loud at times but who isnt
From a dead beat dad who gets me once in a while
Barely seen with few rewards, he barely knows where im from
Yet him, oblivious to this fact, he has made me strong
Grandparents with lots of love yet no real relation
Julie and horacio, they are people ill be missing
A sister who still cant tell right from wrong
Lots of mistakes, she has also made me strong
Through love and pain i learn everyday
My family, big, we have our own problems
But we can always joke around no matter what
With joked sayings of "youre a dingbat" and repeated "i love yous" in any situations
Get togethers are the best, no issues, and lots of great food
Rice with gandules, turkey, pernir
Potato salad and dessert, from mud pies to cheesecake
And theres always some to spare
Memories i will always cherish
Speaking of memories, how can they stay?
Sure, material things are one way
I have plenty, in drawings, and boxes, and bins
But the most felt are in my mind
The most important and sincere in my heart
It is said that the price of a memory is the memory of the sorrow it brings
But with sorrow always stems love, or ia it vice versa
When you count that, i guess my memories are worth a fortune
It's also said that wealth is not about having money, but rather about having options
If thats true then im filthy rich with more to come
I dont know what comes with tomorrow or anytime after, but i will always remember where i am from.

The author's comments:
I wrote this for an english assignment last year. Everyone in the class had to write about what made them who they are and i really tried to take anything that had made me think or see something in a new way and put it in the poem. From this, i hope that other people could do tge same and see all the good in their lives and what makes them who they are and to see all the oppurtunities they could have.

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