Who I Am

December 6, 2011
By TMELO BRONZE, Commack, New York
TMELO BRONZE, Commack, New York
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I am from the dirt that sprays in the air, to the turf that gets stuck in my shoes. From the feel of the leather grip as I set my hands for the shot, from the popping of the leather as the ball hits my glove.

I am from the vision of the baseball diamond,
from the hundred yard gridiron, from baseline to baseline.

I am from the click-clack as I run to the field,
From the leather popping as I run out to my position. From the ball bouncing, to the soundless swoosh. I am from my mom screaming and cheering for me from the sidelines. I am from the final buzzer to the last whistle.

I am from the taste of victory.

I am from the sight of my family photos on Christmas Eve. I am from the bakery, from my grandma’s cookies. I am from sprinting down my stairs to encounter my Christmas presents, from pizza Friday to pasta Sunday.

I am from the smell of the bakery in my house, from the smell of grandma’s kitchen to my mom’s pancakes.

Most of all I am from memories I look back at and every time I think of them they make me look at myself in a mirror and make me say to my self this is who I am so be proud of it. I will treasure those memories throughout my whole life.

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