Bread and Wine

December 6, 2011
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They’re expecting me.
Waiting for me; these people I’ve just met
Calling my name—where am I ?
But I’m just not ready yet.

Why am I not ready yet?

Molds of our toddler hands hang side by side
I place my hand over the form of yours
And try to understand the path you chose
We were always together, you and I
‘nose and knees, knees and nose’

“Where are your children?”
“She’s the slowest person I’ve ever met!
What is taking her so long?
Why isn’t she ready yet?”

Why is she not ready yet?

I look through the glass at your innocent face
And though smiling, you stare back.
My head tells my heart to let you go
So with a steely gaze my fears I attack.

We are all gathered now
Sitting around a table set
“Do you think he’ll ever come home?”
But he just isn’t ready yet.

Why are you not ready yet?

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