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December 6, 2011
By Natasha Mables BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Natasha Mables BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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I really wonder… what happened to the days when I guy will ask you out on a date, yall go on the date, then afterward he will drop you off at your residence, and if yall really feeling each other yall will go from there.
Now it’s meet me half way or we can “kick it at my house” now we all know what “kick it” really means.
Why is it that within first five min of conversation you telling me how big yours is
Or how good you can work it
Or how good you can eat it, suck it, or play with it
I mean come on
Doesn’t anyone know how to talk to a woman these days?
I understand how bad you want this
I know how much you would love to say “yeah I hit it first”
But damn brother have some game!
whoo me or something
You just can’t be walking up to me talking about how you would rock my world
I mean I don’t know about any other female, but I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say that no woman wants a thirsty a** brother.
I mean you talk to me like you haven’t had it in forever
It’s like you need sex like you need air to breath
Dude it’s not serious
Aw what you mad…Aw so you don’t need my p***y you say.. .Aw you can get it anytime you want… so if that’s true why tripping so hard on me. Walking around having b**** fits and what not
You know yall kill me
It really kills me when I hear all my male friends say “I don’t want a hoe” or I don’t like it when my girl gives it up to easily…S*** if you giving up to me that quick then you gonna give it up to him that quick
It kills me how bad yall talk about female yall got to sleep with yall. You say she was too easy
just horrible.. so if all that is true then why when you meet me somebody who not gonna give it to you quick , make you work hard, and wait for it… yall run the other way?
Oh I get it
It intimidates you that I know what I want and when I want it
That I’m independent, educated, intelligent, and beautiful in other words too much woman for you
And that’s okay I can understand if you are scared… But look I’m sorry to tell you but you not getting your organism from me tonight.
Why you ask…
See this, this is for someone special. I’m saving this for the man, who wants me for me,
And who is interested in getting inside my heart instead of in my p***y. Who knows the value of this. Who knows that the moment I give this to him, I’m giving him a part of me, my heart is with him, and his is with mind. That we are in this fight forever, until death do us part. This will not be an act done with multiple people. NO! This will be an act done with one person and one person only…. Plus I don’t do under five,
So look you cool n all but this not gonna work. I’m looking for my husband and you not him.

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