End of Life as She Knows It

December 6, 2011
End of Life as She Knows It
Looking at the bare white walls,
she feels as if they’re enclosing.
The salty tears stream down her face.
She leans up against the wall
to support her fragile frame.
She can feel the morphine
pulsing through her veins.
It’s like a rushing river flowing
through her body.
She tries to keep a grasp on the needle
that’s in her moist hand.
And then it falls to the floor.
Tink, tink, tink.
It rolls across the tile.
The walls are confining her in.
She feels panic
and relief at the same time.
She tries to hang onto her delicate life.
She doesn’t want this to be the end.

But she’s not sure
whether that matters.
The drug is the most
significant entity to her.
She starts to feel dazed and nauseated.
Finally, the walls consume her.
And it’s the end of life as she knows it.

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