Your Hands

December 5, 2011
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A frail leaf in the wind,
Clear drop of rain in the storm,
A single person trying to change the world.

Pink petals bloom, revealing a beautiful birds tune,
Warm breeze brush against the bare skin,
So simple and innocent, yet so forgotten and overlooked.

Tears fall and smiles fade,
Words go left unsaid and thoughts erased.
A broken heart, a hurting soul,
Young dreamers watch as their dreams fall.

A sparkle of the stars, ray of the sun,
Glitter of the moon, trickle of the pond.
I wonder why I see things the way I do,
But then I turn my eyes up to you.

Your hands made this earth,
Every detail and fine line.
Though there is heartache and trouble
Everything will be just fine,
Because of your hands.

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