Wish Upon a Star

December 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Isn’t wishing upon stars
So foolish, so naïve
They only twinkle in the distance
Farther than anyone can conceive
Keeping faith in something
A million miles away
Is like waiting to hear something
You’ve been wanting someone to say
It ends in tears rolling down cheeks
Like a falling star across the sky
So fast that as soon as you said hello
You had to say goodbye
Yet we wait anyway
Wait for a falling star
We obediently make a wish
And then gaze intently afar
Isn’t wishing upon stars
So foolish, so naïve
But sometimes all we can do

Is just believe.

The author's comments:
This poem is about how we constantly wish for things in our lives. But how do we know if we will get it? Isn't it a little too hopeful to keep so much weight on the future? I think it is; but in the end, all you can do in this world is have faith in you and your dreams.

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