Who I really am

December 5, 2011
By heartsgalore GOLD, Ramsey, Minnesota
heartsgalore GOLD, Ramsey, Minnesota
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People think I'm quiet
And kinda emo
A quiet girl
Who is weird
An outsider
Who they don't find "cool"
But really
If you get to know me
I'm a quiet spirit
Trying to show this
Scary world the real me
I'm crazy and wild
As long as you
Don't judge
My life is a symphony of music
Pouring out
Of a sad hurting heart or
A heart that is happy and excited
Hoping not to be sad or hurt again
If you really took the time
To know me
You would know that,
Yes, I am a little weird
But that is me
And you either love me
Or don't
It doesn't really matter
But don't
Pull me down for it
Don't break me
I won't change for anyone
And if you don't like me
Well, too bad hunny
Because I'm me
And that
Well that
Is just how
It will have
To be

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