Have a Good Day

December 5, 2011
By SunniStar GOLD, Yutan, Nebraska
SunniStar GOLD, Yutan, Nebraska
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Don't you hate it when you're taking a shower and the warm water runs out? When you look down and you're stomach sticks out just a little farther than it did yesterday? When you are taller than half of the boys you know?
Don't you hate it when you see an image in your mind, but you cannot seem to put it onto paper no matter how long you slave away with the paint and brushes?
Doesn't it just make you angry when someone takes half an hour to respond to a text, or when your eagerly awaited plans get canceled? Don't you just want to rip your hair out when you spend all morning cleaning the kitchen only to watch it get trashed again when your family makes dinner? And when you spend half an hour straightening your hair only to walk outside and find out that there is 90% humidity, doesn't that just tick you off?
It's the little things that can ruin a perfectly good day. Why can't the little things make an absolutely awful day great?
Rejoice when you turn on the radio and you're favorite song is playing. Smile when cracking your back gets rid of that little bit of discomfort.
Laugh at that joke you've heard your neighbor boy tell a billion and a half times and counting, he only tells you because he likes you. Count the smiles and "hello's" that you get as you go through your day. Pick up that penny laying heads up on the sidewalk. Do you notice how your hands are extra soft today? It's amazing!
When you are walking through a store, grin when you see a little boy who cannot buy what he wants, either, and feel proud that you are handling this fact much better than he is!
Most of all, remember that someone out there, somewhere, loves you for you. It may or may not be who you wish it could be (hey, we can't all have Taylor Lautner), but there is someone out there who would do anything to make sure you are happy.
Hell, I love you! I want you to be happy! You. Are. Beautiful. Just the way you are.
Have a good day, and smile at the little things (:

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