December 5, 2011
Whats the meaning of the word!?
Happiness is fickle
It comes and it goes
leaving the front door open and swinging
reminding you that it used to be here.
Where did it go-hell, WHY did it go!?
It's SO grounded when it gets back!
But even when it comes back...
It's still difficult to pin down.
What is it? How can I capture it?
Sometimes its a cat
cleaning itself on my front patio
on a warm summer evening.
Yeah, that's always nice.
But then again, sometimes its
Poprocks dancing like ****ing crazy
on the tippy top of the tounge,
making me wonder if my mouth really might explode!
Then I take my eyes off of that happiness
for one second
and POOF!
It's turned into a ten-foot-tall block tower
that took the whole damned day to build
and is now a work of art fit for a formal museum.
And the smile it gives me is priceless i swear.
But if I turn my back
that block tower topples
and transforms into something else
and else again
over and over and over
and thats it. Thats happiness. It's fickle
not all there
half crazy
doesnt make sense
and belongs in the loony bin.
Hell, sometimes I swear it has multiple-personality disorder
but I dont rightly care
as long as I can

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