Questions of a TRUE Feeling

December 5, 2011
Eyes burning like candles
Lit by your ever so constant bitter twisted lies
I wonder at which rate I will burn
Pain filling the back of my eyes
Forcing them to leak with what some would call tears
I call them life unfolding
Every tear shed brings back a memory
Some worth remembering
Like that day you caught my eye
Forever embedded in my mind
Burned into my soul
How sweet and gentle you were to me
As if I was your new born child
Then there are those I cease to forget
The shades of purple and blue
Left on my body because of anger
Raging jealousy, trust withering away
Its ironic how you vowed for truth, honesty
Yet this bond revolved around a lie
A lie that has me trapped
Until I finally set enough and set myself free
Free of the shackles and chains
Free to move on , to be one, to find one
Who knows my worth
Who will treat me like the rare gem I am
Polish me every day
Love me unconditionally
Cry when they have the thought of losing me
Rejoice when they find me again
Someone to show me LOVE
A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection
A profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person

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