free falling in love

December 5, 2011
By dee1234 BRONZE, Buena Parl, California
dee1234 BRONZE, Buena Parl, California
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Favorite Quote:
better to love then lost then never love at all

I'm free falling in the abisk
hoping to meet you at the end
of the fall slide into your arms
and feel that gentle kiss
that night we had was like movie
but i wish you would fell under my spell
but now you ended it we will never be able to tell
i can be your rock
i can be anything anything for you
just tell me because i don't want to leave you
your face is full of sadness
let me take it from u
because i don't want to see you pain
but when you say you don't want to see me
it really drains my heart
i wish you would stop tearing us apart
we can really make this the best
i know your the one because you
make my heart races out of my chest
i sigh because you will never let us
be I'm just hoping at the end of the day
you'll hear my plee
people always leaving you but baby
we are meant to be
i will walk in when the world walks out
don't listen to those people and what they are about
because you are above the rest
you shine in a dark sky
because your really some one
that i wish i could better for
find the will let me in
give me your heart and i will stay in

The author's comments:
just want people to feel what i was feeling at this moment

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