Lack of Education

December 5, 2011
By Jen20 BRONZE, San Jose, California
Jen20 BRONZE, San Jose, California
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Lack of education
The sun looks upon its creatures
He feels disillusionment
Lack of dignity, effort, and morals appall him
The beauty turns into darkness
Ignorance exists everywhere
Two paths laid parallel from each other
Children often tend to choose the wrong one
One seems easier
But leads to destruction
The other one seems too complicated
But leads to prosperity
This little girl wanders around
With her pure insistent soul
Her attitude catches my attention
Roughly around 9 years old
In school she lacks effort and feels dull
Loses faith and feels frustration
She struggles throughout the year
Lacking the ability to read properly
At 15 years old cannot read pass 100 words per minute
Fails math and feels devastated
3 years later turns 18
Applies for a job
Her wage turns out to be low
She can’t buy luxurious items
She feels life moves slowly
She wants to go to a university
But has no money
She has reached the middle of the pathway
At this moment she feels lost
She realizes that somewhere throughout it
She lost the desire to thrive
Tears run down her pink cheeks like an enraged river
It sounds like waves that pound on rocks with great intensity
At that precise moment she sees a rainbow
She feels optimistic and decides to change paths
Her smile fills the air with illumination

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