The Glass Wall

December 5, 2011
By hlyelizdream BRONZE, Greenville, Ohio
hlyelizdream BRONZE, Greenville, Ohio
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Thin shards of glass appear
Between our hands
Growing thicker, into a wall
Sounds begin to get muffled
Til we are screaming
Desperate to hear the other
How did it get like this?
The wall begins to push us away
We try to stand our ground but are too weak
It pushes us down, we get hit
The glass distorts the other
Our perception is wrong
How do we stop this?
Confusion and hurt
Only cause more pain
Trying to push only splinters the glass
And we almost want to give up
Then we have enough
Fighting, hitting, destroying
We break the glass
It takes time
And is more painful then the first time
We pray it is worth it
And continue on
Until it's gone

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