Fork vs. Spoon's Side

December 5, 2011
By spartan2015 BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
spartan2015 BRONZE, Memphis, Tennessee
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we were dating just for a while
she loved me
I guess I loved her too
we worked well together
she helped me here and there
then came along the spork thing

we were permanently joined
a metal fission
it was fine for a while
but then she got sort of bossy
I had to do most of the work
because I was in front
I started not enjoying spoon as much
I tried not to show it

then a miracle happened
knife joined my side
just an extra arm
spoon was separated
knife was easier to get along with
but you don’t want to get her angry
she didn’t have to do much work
but she was really important
I loved her much more
we had more in common
we looked similar, a mirrors reflection
spoon’s like my mother
knife is beautiful
she is my unique snowflake
its not much of a question who to choose

Spoon’s Side

We’ve been together for a while
At the start
Perfect size for each other
Like a pea in a pod
We had a strong relationship
Couldn’t leave the others side
We didn’t have the most pleasant job
But at least we were joined
Then a miracle happened
The Spork was invented
There was no way that we could separate
Lunchroom super hero
Those were the good days

Until it got a little too carried away
The knife was brought in
To my hearts slaughter house
I was disembodied
Still touching, but distant
Fork was connected at first
After a while he didn’t care
As long as he had a lady
At his side

Now we are divorced
And they are the new couple
Always cutting up
When we are supposed to be working
I wish I could have him

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