Undying Love

December 5, 2011
By lemondrop16 SILVER, Winchester, Indiana
lemondrop16 SILVER, Winchester, Indiana
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The day you left,
Is the day I'll never forget.
They say love never dies,
But as I sit here I believe love Is a lie.

Tears flowing faster than any waterfall,
Brings the pain to stop my breath once and for all.

I look for a light,
yet none to be seen so bright.
In the depths of darkness,
I see your shadow in nothing but a simple mist.

Happy once, but never again.
You take her hand and I count to ten.
Hoping that death overcomes me,
And ten will be the number that I Never live to see.

Pain is just a word yet you will Never see,
How I lay on the floor hoping that you are the key.
To take away what I feel,
And to my heart that is shall heal.

I wait for you and your call,
But I know this chance will always be small.
To see you here apart from the darkness I see,
And to continue our once undying love that now will never be.

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