A glance out the window

November 7, 2011
By Anonymous

A glance out the window

A glance out of my box
My focus somewhere else besides my own life
A glance towards someone else

Just a glance and I saw his pain
Just a glance and I saw him suffer
Because as I was looking at him
I saw him glance at someone else

But in his glance was not curiosity like mine
It was longing and grief
For in his wheelchair
He couldn’t do what others did

Did I bother to comfort him?
Did I bother to help him in anyway?
Did I feel moved by his longing?
Did I do anything?

The answer to all of these is no
A glance back to my own paper
Focus back on my own life
No more glances out the window

Now alone at night
I have nothing else to think about
My thoughts drift to the boy in the wheelchair
And regret what I did not do.

The author's comments:
Today in gym class I saw a boy in a walker staring at all the people running. When i pointed this out to one of my friends she just said"so?" and forgot all about it. I hope by reading this article people will be more aware of kids like him.

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