if we would have try ed....

November 7, 2011
If we took the chance we had to be together where would we be? would you talk to me at night? would you stay on the phone all night till i fell asleep? would u have meet my parents?would you have came to the house? would you have went to my little sisters softball games? would you have came to my brothers tackle football games? would have we held hands? would we have kissed? wold we have watched the sunset over the beach? would have i meet your family? would you stay true to me or cheat on me? would you say you love me?would you play tag with the family? would you have played with my brothers and my sister? would we have feed each other food? would we sit and watch t.v? would we? would we.....well we cant because you wouldn't try....well i still love you my best friend and my love

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