A Letter of Notice And Affection

December 3, 2011
By Cupcakegoesrawr SILVER, Plymouth, Massachusetts
Cupcakegoesrawr SILVER, Plymouth, Massachusetts
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sometimes you can't see the pain that someone feels

To the Person I felt the deepest emotions for,
You are my biggest Inspiration, The way you're able able to take the most awful of situations and turn them into something positive, How you always found that sliver lining makes me think that if you could do it i can too. To my dearest Best friend, you were always there to help out when i needed it, we rode out the waves together. To my wonderful soldier, you powerful sweet caress kept me safe from all the monsters in the world, even myself at times. To my sweetest Kind Hearted Stranger, No body knew you quit like i did, Nobody saw that gentle soul, nobody heared those words you could speak, words so heartfelt and meaningfull, Nobody could look pasted your mistakes quiet like i could, Nobody could see that childish little boy i saw and loved. To my Only True love, you are my whole world, I have love for you like no other could have. Nobody made it that easy for me to trust them like you did, No body tryed to hear me the way you did, Nobody took that kind of gentle care like you did and for that you're in my heart.The love we had will last through life and death. When I told you I loved you, yes i meant it but i never told you how much you actually meant to me. How having such a gentle, sweet, innocently broken soul around has touched my life. To the one I miss, its different now but my heart wont let go, I miss that smile and the laugh, i miss those dark brown eyes, and even the things that annoyed me about you.I Miss the heart and soul of your every being, and those encouring words. Those perfect momnets. To the life time of moments and memories me made i'll remeber forever. You are my inspirtation, my best friend, my only love,my gentle stranger, my forgiver and my safe haven.Its true what they say love can touch us one time and last a lifetim, that is the love and bond we had with eachother. You are forever in my heart, forever safe with me. I love you no matter what. To my over the top crazed icp fan, Im writting you this peom in hopes that you'll see the true meaning of I Love You, that you'll see how much i care and that I'm proud of you No moatter what, through think and thin, your still my everything, still my biggest inspiration. A conncetion so strong cant be broke by a little departure no matter how long, I'll see you again someday i know it,To my dearest Mr.Bubbles, I'm still your little one, still your everything and yes I miss and Love you just as much, I know your proud of me and everything i do.to My dearest saccrife please dont forget me, cause i Know you wont be forgotten

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