Nine O'Clock

December 7, 2011
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Nine o'clock is a neutral time
The sun has gone down and night sets in
It's not late enough to go to sleep. Or early enough to insist you get things done
Yes, nine o'clock is a neutral time
We were home alone my brothers and I
Our parents had gone out and wouldn't be back until much later
The evening was ours at nine o'clock as we bounced on the trampoline
I can remember the rhythmic creak of the springs as we jumped into the air
No fear because we knew the safety net would always catch us
Our options were endless and our happiness pure
At nine o'clock on November sixth
Then the creak of the door at nine thirty
Ruined the innocence of nine o'clock
Three small words
I lost my ability to stand
The safety net caught me, it was the only thing I could rely on that night
The trampoline cushioned my fall
As I was ripped with a pain nothing could fix
Yes, nine o'clock is a neutral time
Until you are told
Tachi is dead

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