Sadly Ever After

November 10, 2011
By Brittany Belisle BRONZE, Farmington, Connecticut
Brittany Belisle BRONZE, Farmington, Connecticut
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Prince Charming
walks into the room,
an elegant slipper in hand.
But when he tries to slip
it onto Cinderella’s foot,
it does not fit.

He had accidentally stepped
on her foot when they danced,
leaving it purple and swollen.
No matter how hard they try,
Cinderella’s foot refuses to be jammed
into the princess shoes.

Convinced it isn’t her slipper,
Prince Charming leaves
and continues his search forever
for the unknown lover
right in front of his eyes.

Cinderella cries
and locks herself away in the attic,
because she knows she will never
be with her one true love.

And they all live sadly ever after.

The author's comments:
During my writer's workshop class, we were given the task of writing a journal entry about a fairy tale with a different ending.

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