Who will this little girl be?

November 10, 2011
A little girl with her eyes a glow of excitement, her cheeks rosy red, and her lips a beautiful pink seems as innocent as could be, wondering who she will be. What she doesn't know is that when she has to grow up, she will want to be little again. As the years pass she will have a broken heart, lose friends she trusted the most, and feel lost when everything seems wrong. One day she will be the strong woman she hoped to be after all the broken has been repaired. One day she will be thankful that she was forced to grow up. She will tell her daughter the same she learned when she has to wipe away her tears, catch her when she falls, sing the bad dreams away, hold her tight when she is scared, and just be the one who loves her most when the world brings her down. She will be her daughter's angel always there to protect, or heal her from the storm. She will teach her to be the strong woman she knows she could be, because that is what she became when all was said and done.

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