New Start

November 10, 2011
By AsiaLandry BRONZE, Chalmetter, Louisiana
AsiaLandry BRONZE, Chalmetter, Louisiana
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"Life is a story book. You are the author"

I've been hurt by many and loved by few

I'm still young, but there's a lot i've been through

I give my heart out for some people to see

They snatch it away, and crush it, just like debris

Eventually i piece it back together

I move on with a heart, as light as a feather

Soon enough someone comes along

He makes me feel happy like the tone of a love song

I take things slow because my heart is still hurt

I be careful to hold onto it, I won't let it hit the dirt

Then i feel it's time to let go of the past

I lend my heart out to you and i'm falling pretty fast

You tell me the things every girl wants to hear

Your words were so sweet they made me forget every tear

I'm into you so deep i don't know what to do

I just wanna stay in your arms and be with you

I'm dancing around cause i think your the one

But come to find out you were just having fun

You took my heart, and you ripped off the band-aids

And once again my hearts falling apart

I have to pick it up and move on to a new start

I look at you and remember what we had

I smile a little but really I'm so sad

I hold onto my chest cause my hearts beating fast

My conclusion was right, nothing good ever lasts

Falling in and out of love is a part of life

You got to be prepared for the tears and the fights

I guess i wasn't good enough or it just wasn't meant to be

Really i think it was stupid to me..

Why do we try when everything comes to an end?

I can't act like im okay, this isn't pretend

I am a girl and my hearts not a toy

But i had to give it to that stupid boy

The blood in my heart is turning so cold

It's a keepsake, something i need to hold

You left me here with a broken heart

But i pick up the pieces and move on to a new start

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