November 10, 2011
By AsiaLandry BRONZE, Chalmetter, Louisiana
AsiaLandry BRONZE, Chalmetter, Louisiana
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Favorite Quote:
"Life is a story book. You are the author"

When i was a baby you held me in your arms.

You held me so close i felt no harm.

When i was a little girl i was your whole world.

you held my hands as we danced, as we twirled.

We used to lay down, lay down and cuddle.

You were always right there, there for me to snuggle.

When i got hurt, you were right by my side.

Ready to pick me up as i layed there and cried.

Then i got older, things were different.

You weren't the same,

You and i started to change.

Things were so confusing, i didn't really understand.

I went to school one day, just like the rest.

Laughed a little, took some test.

Came home to a room full of people,

They all looked so sad, mad, and stressed.

Then I heard the news, i cried, i was out of breath.

The world was spinning, like i had nothing left.

9 years old, i wasn't like the rest.

Growing up without you, what was i to do?

My whole life was changed, everything was "new"

As i sit here today, I think back on those times.

The times when we danced, laughed, we were partners in crime.

I miss those days, those days were MINE.

Your not right here, but you will be in time.

Though you made mistakes, i still love you so much.

If i think real hard, i can still feel your touch.

Your always right here, right in my heart.

That spot is forever filled.

Ilove you mom,

And i always will


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