The Thoughts of a Cutter

November 10, 2011
Maggie32 BRONZE,
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People fear what they don't understand, and harm what they fear~J.K. Rowling via Albus Dumbledore

Let my soul fly, let it be free.
Right now it is trapped in my body.
My soul is not thriving where it is now-
Will it if I set myself free?
Life is a mass of pain and confusion,
Made all the worse by high school.
How can I let my soul fly;
How can I let it be free?
Surely it will only be free
If it’s not a part of me,
So I cut myself.
Maybe my blood, leaving my veins, will set it free.
But no-
And again, I have to go to school.
Some kids tease, and stare more than ever.
My friends act like they think it’s cool-
But I can see the truth:
They are frightened,
and wonder if I still belong.
I have only one more idea.
Few will like it,
But it must set me free-
For how can something that doesn’t exist still be bound?
If I do it I will finally be able to relax-
Despite the fact that some others might suffer.
Death is the only thing that will truly set me free.
Therefore I will kill myself.

The author's comments:
I had a friend going through a difficult time and they started to cut themselves. I didn't really talk to them about their reasons for it, but this is the way that I interpret it on my own.

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