Look in the Mirror

November 10, 2011
Mirrors are made of glass. Sure that is a simple statement, but the truth is they see everything. They see every flaw we think we have, and they can read through our eyes as if they were transparent. When we look in a mirror, it sees all the darkness we feel. For a mirror, there is no such thing as trying to hide what other people see. Because unless people know you enough to see the truth, generally we all walk by each other without bothering to take a second look. When looking in a mirror, we can't change the reflection. We can only keep looking at it, and if all we see is a hatred of what is... Then breaking is the solution. All of the sudden after the glass is broken and the pieces shatter to the ground, something is realized. Each shard of glass is not only glass, but it's the wounds our hearts have. Each piece is a symbol of every scar, rather time has healed it, or it is still bleeding. The key is to not let the scars make us full of hate, but sometimes hate is the only outcome. When hate comes along it can only dig the scar into a deeper hole. A mirror is not only a sheet of glass, it is the one thing that will never wear a mask.

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