A New Day

November 11, 2011
A month ago I thought I was dying
I felt so lost and alone
My days were filled with mostly crying
And my sounds were often moans

I’ve grown so much stronger now
My eyes can finally see
I haven’t gotten over it somehow
But there’s a new path for me

All the hurt is still within me
The things I cannot change
However, there is never a guarantee
That things won’t rearrange

These memories that linger
All the promises you made
Were a dead ringer
To keep this frozen façade

You used to be my all
It was an unhealthy place
For all I could recall
Was your amazing face

But now I know
To keep the past in the past
The only place I can go
Is into the future, fast

Our good times can justify
A smile to my face
And tears to my eyes
In their bittersweet embrace

Nothing lasts forever
It all just blows away
Going to whomever
It wants, and it may

No more longing for the times
When bad things couldn’t touch me
Because it’s not so bad sometimes
Not to be your honeybee

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