November 23, 2011
By no_way_around_it PLATINUM, Saranac Lake, New York
no_way_around_it PLATINUM, Saranac Lake, New York
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With Life Comes Beauty and Pain

Powerless to be without power,
You're locked in a cage with the key just out of reach from your seeking fingers.
Unable to slow the world that spins without you.
Everything moves in fast motion,
As you stay rooted like the buildings that fill this town.
Like the night, you are blinded from all light.
As a sense of despair surrounds you going in for the kill.
You no longer led the line,
No longer teaching others to keep time.
You become the tree while all around you birds fly free.
Powerless unable to save the day.
You can't predict the weather, or the future.
You don't hold the key that leads from point A to B.
You can't save a man's life,
Or know who will become his wife.
You can't save someone fron an end that's been coming;
Nor will you stop a dealer from selling,
And yes that includes kids ranging from ages 10 to 18.
You're powerless dormant in a state of being.
Some thing's you can't change,
And it turns somethings strange.
The hands on the clock race you and at the finish line they refuse to stop.
Even though they've won they say it's just begun.
You stand there still, and frozen as the thrills of life seep from your soul.
You feel the end near as you shake in fear.
There is a light that dangles up ahead,
In the darkness calling for your dread.
You feel so empty you begin the slow walk,
Stumbling over your feet, and tripping over roots.
Like a drunken man you take this rout,
Unable to hope it leads to something new,
But unable to stop working through.
As you reach to the light you find a switch that sets you right.
It opens your eyes to a new scene.
One filled with bright memories.
Surrounding you is all the things that you've come to love.
You glisten in the light as you rewind, and it reminds you of an old time,
Before the darkness that once devoured you.
Setting you to brand new,
And in the corner a box catches your eye.
Old, black, soggy, and wet,
And were it touched a puddle sits.
Curiously you inspect its contents,
Only to discover the things that kept you still.
Now you know you can fallow your own will.
You are no longer Powerless.

The author's comments:
This poem was written to tell the story that though you may feel powerless at that moment or in a situation, that you can get through it and regain your control.

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