Poem To A Dead Friend

November 23, 2011
By necrophilikat PLATINUM, Greshamville, Georgia
necrophilikat PLATINUM, Greshamville, Georgia
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From the moment you died, I knew I would never be the same.

Hopes and dreams fall down the drain.

You brought light into my life

and then the darkness came.

The place where you stood next to me,

is now empty, as you see.

How could it be?

It's hard to be free,

when I've lost thee.

Letters to you,

lost at sea.

They say it's for the best,

but I disagree.

I will never again see your smiling face.

My heart beats at a slow pace.

Everything we planned, went to waste.

And it's only a bitter kind of taste.

You were always by my side,

everything felt right,

nothing could ever break the bond we had.

Now I'm left

to pick up the pieces of the past,

and wonder why nothing ever lasts.

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