To my Dad.

November 23, 2011
By Anonymous

I know your tryna give me the life you never had
Even though you try so hard it just keeps back firing
Dad, dont worry, its okay
It doesnt matter if every house we move into gets broken into or shut up on the block
your tryin and thats all that matters
I hear you cry at night, eyes red tryna keep it tight
it all good dont worry im here now wipe them tears
there still runnin and im still here
I know times are crazy but I love you dad and you better know it
In this world when it shakes, when it frays
you gotta stay i know its hard
im livin it too
lifes a fight we beat its xxx's
we've been through it all drugs thugs cps its all a test
of our faith, god will make it better
watch just wait,
so hush my father listen close
i know our bird is gone and my ring was thieved
but lets live life how life should be lived.

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