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November 23, 2011
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Close your eyes and picture this,
you are sitted on the couch,
thinking, thinking
But of what ?
You fail to remember.
Suddenly it feels cold.
Too cold for summer
the air becomes dry all round.
You are unnerved, uneasy.
'I shouldn't be feeling this'
You say just in time,
Just in time for the eerie sound.
A rhythmic tapping at the window,
'Who is it ? You ask.
Now you are afraid,
Afraid of what lurks in the murk.
Instincts tell you to run,
Reality dares you to face.
What do you do?
You are thinking.
You are still thinking when you realise,
the tapping the tapping has stopped!
Just when you are about to sigh,
It happens.
You see it with your own eyes,
You finally realise that...
I have stopped...to write.

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Wonderment said...
Dec. 12, 2011 at 7:59 am
I like this alot. I think you describe the feeling of writing well. Plus its a very relatable poem. :)
Ayushi_austen replied...
Dec. 12, 2011 at 9:01 am

lol..i loved it!!


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