Smooth Sailing

November 23, 2011
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You don't understand. 
You never did.  
How could you say you do,
When you never even took the time to pretend to care?
The fake "I love you" 
The condescending "Are you okay?" 
But the pure, raw "I hate you", "You're less than nothing", "no one could ever love you"'s that come from your mouth.
The words pouring out like thick, black tar,
Easy droplets dripping from your lips,
But showering down upon me like sludge;
Thick and black, choking and blinding me
And it comes not just from your mouth. 
Every inch of your body screams it.  
Your dark eyes, flashing with the desire to crush,
Your quivering arms, ready to strike me,
Your expression, the all too familiar mixture of coldness, and apathy
You're deaf to my cries, 
Which reach and reach for you, trying to grasp any whim of compassion,
You're blind to my tears, which try to pour over you and wash away your anger and make you gentle again.
Your words turn from soft, downy angel wings to slicing, gleaming knives within a second.  

I feel like the titanic, 
No control,
No brake,
About to crash into you,
The iceberg;
And meet my demise. 

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