warring Truth

November 23, 2011
By Anonymous

Pound Pound Pound
we pound – SOFTLY
We scrape the stones men call hearts
And make the shriek of
Nails on steel

But they no longer hear it

It is the tune to their dance
The diamond flashes in the child’s eye but they
Dig in the dust that is them

Because we tell them to
Our nooses are cloaked as scarves to promote
Their own appearance and they do not know they wear them as they

Choke content – SLOWLY
The bars to their cells are called PRIDE and the key is right before them and
They can see it because the veil over their eyes has been torn

From top to bottom
But they do not look – how easy our job is
We steal

objective with perspective and make them think
they are right by making them think there is no right

We are the fools who think we can defeat TRUTH

And so we stab it and whip it and hang it on a cross and
kiss it


Shh…we do not speak of this

A raindrop illuminates the pot of gold
Or is it a tear?

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