Forgive Me

November 23, 2011
By OreoFang SILVER, Summerfiled, Florida
OreoFang SILVER, Summerfiled, Florida
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I cry about you almost everyday
Reminded of you in things I say
I would take you back immediately
If never started acting like you forgot me
It was all my fault,should've never let you go
It was party my fault ,I was young,I didn't know
I felt like acting superior even though I was not
And I'm kinda surprised I was never even caught
I took advantage of your competition and you
If we started over,that would be the last thing I'd do
I would spend more time staying in love
Because I know now that over everyone,your above
Now I have to move on instead of sneaking up to you
Despite how,oh so very badly,I really don't want to
I want you to move on so I won't feel this bad
But,then,I don't want you to,even the thought is sad
I wonder if you wonder about me,late at night
If you go back to the time where everything was alright
We cry with shaking breaths heaving
Because all our life,all we've known is leaving
And leaning up against the door you just walked through
Sliding down to the ground and crying without you
All I want is a happy life with you,is that what you want too
All I need is somebody who loves only me,I think that's you
I love you enough to let you go,I would say
Now the only thing I wanted was for you to stay
When I was screaming at you,frustrated tears in my eyes
Yelling about how I hate you when we knew those were lies
If you just would've stayed there
I would notice how much you did care
Instead of laying here,thinking about if you still do
If in your head,you also want to say,I love you

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