Lies Of Happiness

November 23, 2011
By OreoFang SILVER, Summerfiled, Florida
OreoFang SILVER, Summerfiled, Florida
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I smile when you are around
But,deep inside,I want to frown
It doesnt matter what you say
No matter what,I'll die each day

I'm dying because you left me here to bleed
And only you knew to take away what I need
My bleeding,aching,dumbfounded heart
At least you didn't take my soul,you just tore it apart

Under the ashes and lies
Something beautiful once here now dies
And I gave you everything that I am
And I'm wishing that I never let go of your hand

Now,I'm making myself slip and fall
So,you'll turn around and see that I'm all
You ever needed to become happy
But,instead you turned around and left me

I'll keep telling myself in my head
That you'll come for me one day I said
You won't leave me here to die
And you'll comfort me when I cry

As I walk along our path
Where we would hold hands
I wipe away the tears
From memories of us through the years

I remember when I was your angel,
You always used to tell me to sleep well
And I remember when I was your princess
For once in my life I didn't lie about happiness.

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