The Fool Within The Human

November 22, 2011
By Aizuki SILVER, Fontana, California
Aizuki SILVER, Fontana, California
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Just another mortal
A sinful human male
Another pray trapped in my web of illusions
A cockroach under my feet
A dog tied to a leach of ownership
Plain with dull eyes
Nothing special about him

Just another victim
My lips barely touched his thin ones and already he falls to his knees
A foolish choice to have fallen for me
I’m an angel from the depths of oblivion
I belong to the Prince of Darkness
To have fallen for me you’re seeking your death
Not even a struggle from this poor little soul

If he only knew of the torture that awaited him, like all the others
Surely he would flee then
The shackles placed around him should have brought fear and misfortune to his eyes
The mask that held all the beauty cracked long ago
But all I see is longing and lust in his deep soulless eyes
My dear little pet you’ve lost everything now
You’ll bow only to me
Because I’ am the Master and you are the Slave

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