The Demon Within The Angel

November 22, 2011
By Aizuki SILVER, Fontana, California
Aizuki SILVER, Fontana, California
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Gentle winds stroking long strands of sun kissed hair
Where could you have come from?
You’re more pure than an Angel
More seductive than a succubus
Your flawless skin has no comparison
And those sky colored eyes make me want to take flight
No painting and no photo can capture the beauty that radiates from your person
Could it just be that I have fallen in love?
My fooled eyes cannot see the demon in you
My muffled ears could not hear the screams in your voice
And I did not taste the toxic when you brushed your soft lips against mine
Am I fool to have fallen so deeply in love with one of Lucifer's Angels?
Or am I a brave knight sent to rescue my cursed imprisoned princess?
Either way my heart will not diminish the strong emotions that have grown deep inside of me
Instead I will embrace them with warm arms and pretend that it’s you that I hold on to
I lost and now forever I am yours
The temptation was to tempting to stay away from
I were the shackles of your previous slaves
And I don’t care to know what happened to those misfortune souls
As long as they’re not here to steal away all the attention and to miss guide her from myself
I want to be hers and only hers
Even if it means to lose all sights of sanity
I will gladly stand by her side as Master and Slave

The author's comments:
Two sides to every story....

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