All The Little Lies

November 22, 2011
By Hoshii SILVER, New York City, New York
Hoshii SILVER, New York City, New York
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Favorite Quote:
"Live life the way you want to - not necessarily the was others think is best."

I hate how much I love you.
I hate how much I care.
I hate how much I miss you
and wish you were here.
I hate how you kiss me
and the way you hold me tight.
But, do you know?
I hate how I don't hate you
for all the things I said.
I hate how I know that
we're not going to last
until the end of time.

But let me tell you this:
When Pooh doesn't like honey,
When Dumbo can't fly,
When Tigger stops bouncing,
When fairytales end with no happy-ending,
When my heart stops beating,
When time doesn't flow,
And when the world is enveloped in darkness,
That's when I'll stop loving you.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I just wanted my boyfriend to know how I really feel inside. When people read this, I'm hoping that people will let their true feelings out and not hide it inside themselves. When you're down, the best thing to do is to talk to friends. They'll help you cheer up !

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