November 22, 2011
By halldan95 BRONZE, Mt Vernon, Ohio
halldan95 BRONZE, Mt Vernon, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
"The unexamined life is not worth living."

Why do I always do what I hate

Even after I've told myself I’m done?

It’s like I can’t even control my own actions

Like I can’t even control how my mind’s run.

These addictions just keep coming back

Back to haunt me

Back to drag me down

I may look alright on the outside

But you don’t see what’s inside

What’s under my skin


The author's comments:
This poem was inspired by some situations that were going on at that time in my life. I hope that people who read this poem who are going through addictions realize that they're not the only one going through problems and that there are other people out there like them.

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