I Miss My Friend

November 22, 2011
By Anonymous

I miss my friend,
I really do,
I love myself,
But I loved her too,
I wish she were here,
And I were there,
There to laugh,
And play in her hair,
She seems to have left me,
But other days it feels like,
A decade,
I cry and wish,
That she were here,
But it doesn't happen,
Nor stop the tears,
Everytime I eat,
Delicious meat,
It brings me to remember,
It was her favorite treat,
And when i'm in school,
I just break out and cry,
But it hurts really bad,
To tell people why,
But crying and asking,
To bring her back,
WON'T bring her back,
And thats just that......

The author's comments:
This poem came to me one day when I was in school and we had read a poem that was also called I Miss My Friend but I felt as if the other poem didn't go that deep into depth so I made my own poem called I Miss My Friend.

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