Air Under My Wings

November 22, 2011
It's 3 a.m. my heart is broken, I can't fall asleep
Layin' here in my sorrow, all I can do is weep
Someone who can love me for who I am, is that too much to ask?
My head is poundin' now, can't stop thinking about the past
One tear, two tears baby they're comin' out like a stream
Close my eyes and whisper to myself how could this be happening?
I thought I had you baby, thought I had you in my grasp
Why is it this little thing called love never seems to last
I remember your touch tell me, do you remember mine?
I remember when we were together we'd lose track of time
I can picture you in my head, it's like a photograph
I can remember perfectly the sound of your laugh
It won't ever be the same now that I have lost you
I don't know anymore baby just what i'm going to do
You were my sunshine, you were the air under my wings
If I could just get you back baby, I would do anything

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