Remember That Night

November 22, 2011
By yesenia68 BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
yesenia68 BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Remember that night
I begged you to stay
I said please
Don't make me do it

Remember that night
You told me to do it
You said you didn't care
My tear only spilled

I got the phone
Dialed 911
I looked at you with fear
But you only smiled

You sat on our ground
With your bottle by your side
I'll wait here
Is all you replied

Suddenly I'd hoped
They'd think it was all a joke
I didn't want them to take you
Not again
Not on this night

I remembered that night
I knew that routine
I wouldn't see you for a week
So I sat by your side
Holding you tight

You whispered my name
Said it was all okay
I only begged
But this time
For your forgiveness

Remember that night
You pushed your head back
You shut your eyes
I was too afraid
To let you out of my sight

But as I knew
I was only so strong
I fell asleep
Holding your arm

The next morning
I'd expect you to be gone
But there you were sitting
Next to me
Still I was holding your arm

I let go
Whispering Sorry
I'd left you some marks
From holding too tightly
Then I'd noticed
Nothing had changed
You still had that bottle
The whole night
It had sat by your side

The author's comments:
This poem was written from a childhood memory that suddenly came back to me. It's about my father and myself on one of the many nights that he drank.

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