That's When I start To Fly

November 30, 2011
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I may be young and kind of foolish,
But I wish people would look up for a change.

I look up and see all the sad faces,
so I keep smiling.
I see the sun cheer up the flowers,
so I try to do the same.

I look up and see the rain dancing in the trees,
so I feel careless and free.
I see the clouds make shapes in the sky,
so I try to find the pictures.

I look up at the ceiling,
so I can go on any adventure that I please.
I see something that scares me,
so I cry myself to sleep.

I look up and see the bills on the table,
so I choose one or two to color on.
I see the birds high in the sky,
so that’s when I start to fly.

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Brie555 said...
Jan. 16, 2012 at 12:52 am
Dude, totally great poem! :D I love the part wehre youre all like "I look up and see al the sad faces, so i keep smiling. I see the sun cheer up the flowers, so i try to do the same" Also, i love the second part (forgot what you call it,... a stanza? Anyways..) how youre all careless because of the rain and how you look at the sky for pictures ;D lol one of the poems I'd love to put up on my cork board
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