181 Hours

December 3, 2011
You were supposed to be my super hero,

My one escape from life,

When I was in your arms,

I forgot all about my knife.

But then my mouth slipped,

And out came my mind,

I dont have your arms,

My knife wasnt hard to find.

Lets go back to the beginning,

When I was so scared at first,

Loving you was a blessing,

As well as a curse.

I started to fall,

Right into your trap,

And all I could listen to,

Was Eminem rap.

He spoke words,

That were all I wanted to say,

He helped me,

Getthrough each and every day.

But by then,

You had given in,

And your love,

I began to win.

We went through all summer,

And it was great,

If felt like I was starting over,

Getting a new clean plate.

School came,

And I saw you,

I was so glad,

That our wait was through.

50 bajillion kisses,

100 bajillion hugs,

You said sleep tight,

Dont forget about the bed bugs.

Now we're back to last night,

And dying are my heart-held flowers,

And the light is fading as I wait,

181 da** hours.

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