December 2, 2011
By PookieBooski PLATINUM, Springfield, Illinois
PookieBooski PLATINUM, Springfield, Illinois
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She stands and watches what he does
Staying silent to protect him, who she loves
Though all he is doing is using her
But she doesn't know and won't see through the blurr
She watches him kill out of blood so cold
And does whatever he wants and whatever she's told
She takes the blame and does his time
Even though she wasn't the one to commit the crime
Then one day, he leaves her alone and feeling low
He tells her he's decided to go solo
She cries for a while and ponders death
But then she stands up and takes a deep breath
Though she's afraid, she knows what she must do
She must get rid of the man who made her so blue
So she went back, pretending to be weak
And she laughed on the inside at the stupid creep
Then came the day where she pulled out the gun
And made him pay for everything he had done
Now she's serving life in prison but she doesn't mind
For she stood up for herself and the victoms he'd left behind

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