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December 2, 2011
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Skinny jeans, eyeliner, and black nail polish
Trying to make myself look utterly flawless
Even though it's impossible but I don't care
I talk tough, but when I'm mad, all I do is glare
I put family before friends because family is forever
Some people think I'm actually pretty clever
I don't tie myself down to only one best friend
'Cause too many people will be there for me in the end
Music, art, and science are things I enjoy
I think it's stupid to fight over a boy
My friends say I'm too much of a flirt
I like to write away my hurt
To me, school isn't all that bad
People who act stupid make me pretty mad
Sometimes I think my parents just need to chill out
When I get ticked off, I tend to shout
Fashion to me is expression without words
For some reason, I'm afriad of large birds
I hate my hair getting messed up but I love dirt
Over a dress or a tee, I'd choose the shirt
Somebody else is not who I want to be
You're not gonna get anyone but me

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